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A New Logo for CinéFEMMES RWANDA

CinéFEMMES RWANDA, a Rwandan Non-Governmental Organization operating into promoting Cinema and Women publishes its new Logo.
While heading to its 6th URUSARO International Women Film Festival scheduled from 4th to 11th October 2021, CinéFEMMES RWANDA renews its brand identity by improving the colors, logo, and all other related tools.

The previous identity helped the organization to be where it is now. And from now and then, CinéFEMMES RWANDA continues the journey in the new wave of communication by focusing more on what its partners, audience and beneficiaries expect as feedback.

This is also an opportunity to inform the waiting of the annual Artwork of the 6th URUSARO International Women Film Festival under the theme: “Collectivity: Driving Force for Cinema”, to be out soon. For additional information on CinéFEMMES RWANDA, Welcome to this Website