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« Let’s Make Docs! Project » engages young girls concluding their secondary studies (at the end of high school) to the art of documentary filmmaking. 

Created by CinéFEMMES RWANDA, this project brings together girls from different high schools within Kigali. It opened during the fourth URUSARO International Women Film Festival in October 2019. Let’s Make Docs! Project will allow participants to work on their first film project and having the first touch to technical tools of the film production. Topics to be involved in this Documentary Training are related to Climate change, Culture, Social Cohesion, Humanity, Health and Education. Our ultimate objective is to support Rwandan girls to successfully develop their interest and career in the filmmaking industry, while at the same time paying more attention to the situation and problems of women and promoting gender equality.

Insights From Participants


“My aim is to gain knowledge and be exposed to share with others. Women have been taken apart, most especially when it comes to science and technology. I strive to be, at the end of this training, one of the existing proofs that women can do more and better.” 

Blanche MANEGABE develops a project on “La Perception de la mode”, literary translated as “Fashion perception”. She tackles that fashion should interest everyone; mostly buyers via dressing fashion, and from that, people shall accept and respect this art. Colors, designs and varied aspects that make what we wear offer a wide zone of interest for Blanche’s project, which will soon be a documentary film.

Suzannella ISHIMWE

 “My goal is to be able to make my own documentary film, and I am looking forward to do so.” As she says, she started without having an idea of how this training would be. With time, she adds, “I am getting more and more interested and want to know more, and this is what pushes me to stay focused.”

Suzannella ISHIMWE is developing a historical-cultural story tackling common life style of the population living in BUGESERA (District in Rwanda and Region in Burundi), as it constitutes the neighborhood between Rwanda and Burundi.


 “At the end of Let’s Make Docs! Training, I wish to be able to create, direct and produce documentaries.” She agrees to the saying that “Opportunity comes once in life”. Nicole admits that she has to use this opportunity and mention that “there are people who need this training and can’t get it even if they pay.”

Hamissa Nicole focuses on Education via a project bridging Passion and Talent where she calls parents and tutors to follow close what their kids are interested in so that they help them doing what they like in their future life, and at the end, be able to expand their vision.

Charlene MIND’JE

“The most important thing I’ve learned by now in Let’s Make Docs is that of being responsible of one’s work, by consulting varied source of information and looking for significant experience in Directing/ filmmaking.” 

Charlene MIND’JE develops a documentary film project on Air Pollution. For her, this scourge is one of the biggest problems that the World faces in a large part. She believes that if men continue to only focus on development and all related practices remain intact, Strong consequences will turn back to all living things in biosphere.


“I’ve learned how to formulate my ideas and thoughts so that, the time I will be sharing them with others, they will be more understandable.” 

Cynthia UMUTONI works on a documentary project focusing on Humanity. Her observation describes how people, as long as they stay on the way of loosing human values, will find themselves in a world where people pretend to know what Humanity is. She adds that, nowadays, Humanity seems to be less. Society is losing its factors today, and Cynthia is convinced her documentary film will contribute to the change.


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